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We provide the comprehensive evaluations, treatment, and parent/caregiver education to maximize client outcomes. We are currently working on development of other programs to meet our community’s needs. Please call for further information.


Our speech-language pathologists evaluate both children and adults with a variety of communicative disorders and provide a comprehensive diagnosis based various factors including review of case history, parent/caregiver/client interview, review of available medical records, consideration of concomitant auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive deficits, administration of appropriate standardized testing, and direct clinical observation and parent/caregiver report. These results are provided in a written report and include recommendations, referrals, and follow-up services to ensure appropriate intervention and support for individuals identified with speech-language, feeding, or swallowing disorders.


Based on evaluation recommendations, direct intervention is provided to address the child or adult’s specific needs on an individual (1:1) basis. Therapy frequency is based upon the initial evaluation and severity of the disorder. Parent involvement is required at TTM and includes both direct and indirect approaches based on client’s needs. At TTM, it comes down to using our skills, evidence-based practice, along with our passion to “re-wire” the brain that makes this transformation fun, stimulating and lasting. All our clinicians take pride in what they do and in the care we give to the children and families we serve.

Speech Therapy Specialties

PROMPT Trained
Hanen Trained SLP
Talk Tools Trained
Floortime Trained
PECS Trained
Early Intervention
Bilingual Assessment & Intervention

Upcoming Programs

English classes for Parents
Hanen Program (It Takes Two To Talk/More Than Words) based on enrollment
Social Skills Group
Occupational Therapy

Children Services

Language Disorders
Pragmatic/Social-Language Disorders
Apraxia/Motor Speech Disorders
Articulation Disorders
Phonological Disorders
Autism/PDD Disorders
Disorders related to Down Syndrome
Feeding Disorders
Cleft Lip & Palate/Resonance Disorders
Auditory Processing
Hearing Disorders
Stuttering/Fluency Disorders
Tracheostomy & Related Disorders

Adult Services

Apraxia of Speech
Traumatic Brain Injury
Speaking Valve
Stuttering/Fluency Disorders

Vendor for

Various Regional Centers
Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE’s)


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